• 02-12-2008
    XCL as a "do everything" bike?
    I have been doing the early season bike research and the XCL is very near the top of my list, and I have to admit that the "can your trailbike do this" thread moved it up a couple spots. I've owned and ridden a bunch of bikes over the years; mostly burlyish 4-6" frames; and I'm still looking for that elusive "one bike".
    I'm right around 200lb geared up and pretty light on my feet/bike. Most of my riding consists of midwest singletrack, but I do a couple of DH races here in the midwest as well; Superior Bikefest in Marquette MI and the WORS Subaru Cup DH in WI.
    The most comparable bike weight wise to the XCL that I have owned was a Heckler that I loved.... until it broke. It was probably a fluke and SC handled it that way; but once something breaks I tend to lose all faith in it, fluke or not.
    I have no doubt that the EVO would fit my requirements better than the XCL, but the XCL is already at my ceiling budget-wise considering I'll have to pick up a few new parts to work with it. And the XCL is just damn sexy.
    Any insight, info, experience, etc. would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks, Jason
  • 02-12-2008

    Originally Posted by gratefulbiker
    ...but once something breaks I tend to lose all faith in it, fluke or not.

    The XCL sure is an awesome, durable ride...but I think your standard might be too high for any bike.... especially if you expect a trailbike to take ocassional DH racing too... any bike can/will brake if abused/pounded enough
  • 02-12-2008
    I don't disagree with anything you said, especially the last part. I guess the primary question is how much abuse is the XCL capable of withstanding on a regular basis?
    The few DH races I do a year are not the super nasty big bike courses that most people think of when the term "DH" comes up. I've done pretty well in the past on bikes in the same travel range as the XCL as I prefer a more nimble bike than a full on "plow into everything monster truck" type of bike. And I'll be 34 this year and not all that willing to let it all hang out to move a couple spots up the result sheet.
    I'm just looking for a bike that I can get the most enjoyment from for the majority of the riding I do; trailriding; and still not have to shy away from the fun stuff. Even if that means doing some parts swapping for the type of riding I plan on doing that week.
  • 02-12-2008
    Depends on your everything
    I like to call the XCL my "goldilocks" bike. I tried lots of lightweight do everything bikes, but the were no fun and flexy. I tried lots of beefy all mountain bikes, but they were slow on the way up. Chumba rightly calls the XCL a trail bike, it is not really all mountain, the geo is steeper, the handling sharper, and it climbs way too good for an all mountain bike. If that is your definition of a do everything bike, then you will love it.

    But if you want to throw in some DH races and you are looking for something closer to your Heckler, then yeah, the Evo looks better.