My Los Angeles-based HD Video Production company will make your MTB Company a free riding/jumping viral video for your website, my space page or you tube in exhange for the owning the footage. It will be low budget, but high quality.

What you need to provide: great riders that are 18 y.o. or older, the riding location, and a swag package of your goods for our MTB racer/principal/director. Riders need to sign releases, private property owners will need to sign releases. We will own & sell the branded footage on internet & mobile entertainment portals where your products & riders will continue to get free & wide exposure, publicity & marketing.

The ideal riding area will be well lit (no woodsy areas with little sunlight please!) and fairly compact. As these videos will need to be shot within one day, a riding spot that is scattered up & down an entire mountain will be too much of a logistical hindrance.

Check out our recent work with National Champion, RICH HOUSEMAN, for Rogue Apparel:

Here is a teaser of a short in the making with Moe Hutchison (Factory Turner, Magura): 50498


PM me if you have any questions. Thanks!