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    Would this be a reason to run a chainguide?

    Take a look at my FD below..

    I seem to get a lot of chainslap.. I've never dropped my chain up front but it just doesn't feel like there is enough tension on the chain and I'm almost positive I'm running the right length. The other issue I've got is one of tuning.. since i don't run a big ring I'd like to lower the FD just a bit to dial out some of the chain drag on the derailleur cage but that doesn't seem possible on the e-type.

    I'm not a downhiller or freerider by any means.. but man that chain gets going in the rocks. Should I be looking at a chainguide? If so, which one would allow me to use the e-type FD?

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    With the E-Type derailleur, you can still pivot it a little lower. You may want to give that a try and see if it gets any quieter. If you look up from the ring, there are two bolts there. Loosen them and pivot.

    I have a Heim on my Evo - which works with the E-type derailleur. More info @ http://forums.mtbr.com/showthread.php?t=267535.

    Since you've dropped your big ring, how much tension does your chain have when you're in the biggest sprocket and 2nd chainring? I figure you should be able to drop about 2 links or so.

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    chain slap

    this is what I did. I swapped my med cage for a short cage derailuer and shortened the chain so that when i am in my middle (biggest due to bashgard) I can only shift up to the 6th from the largest cog. Then if i need to drop more i then go to my granny and shift lower from there. It also makes shifting super snappy and crisp. The only downside is if you forget and shift into 7th or bigger it will tweak out the hanger. Once you get used to it though it is super sick. Lee from lee likes bikes would also tell you to do this in addition to getting a 11-26 cassette. It will only make you tougher. yarrrr!

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    E-Type has two height settings, at least my XT did.
    There is a little piece with offset screwhole, that you can flip to move it up or down.
    I ended up going with just the middle ring up front and ditched the front shifter/derailleur.

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    It should be ok where it is

    It is OK for the FD to fly so far above the crank when you dont have the big ring. It should be in exactly the same place as it would be if you had the big ring installed. Unless you are running like a 20T small ring, you should not be getting chain drag on the cage.

    According to Chumba last I knew, you do not need to run any the 2.5 mm spacer between the frame and the e-type derailleur.

    The FD probably came in its lowest position. The upper position is meant for the 26-36-48T crankset series like the m771, m581, etc. If it is in the higher position, then definitely lower it.

    How does the rear derailleur look when you shift into big-big (middle chainring, but big for your set up). The RD cage should be stretched out pretty straight along the chain. The real test is to remove the derailleur and go big-big when you install the chain, you should have a pair of links more than that length.
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    front derailleurs are silly.

    I'm a bike shop mechanic and well I'm good at tuning them but they are still a pain. and they are silly. especially on road bikes. well derailleurs on road bikes are silly anyways becasue you should be single or fixie anyways.

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    Well, I went 1x9.. I'm using a blackspire stinger as a guide and a surly 32t stainless ss ring up front. With that guide and my FSA external BB bearings the chainline is absolutely perfect in the middle of the cassette. I couldn't make the setup work properly with the FD on there so I decided to ditch it, guess I'll just have to get strong now.

    I'll get a picture sometime this weekend and post it up. The XCL is a sexy beast without that front derailleur!

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