Windsor Ghost 6500 Full Suspension Mountain Bike with Shimano 24 Speeds-
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    Windsor Ghost 6500 Full Suspension Mountain Bike with Shimano 24 Speeds

    Hey everyone,

    I am very new to mountain biking and need some help in choosing the right bike at the best price. I have been searching the internet for all types of bikes. The one that caught my eye was a Windsor Ghost 6500. I never heard of this manufacturer and do not see it in any bike store. It is being sold at '', and only there I think.
    I would like feedback from anyone who is familiar with this brand and whether I should buy it or not.
    The other bike I am considering is the Trek 4300. About the same price as the Windsor, but it is less equipped. Again, I don't know anything, please enlighten me.

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    My bad

    Hey guys,

    I got too happy to post my question and not read the other entries just below mine.
    Apparently, Windsor gets two thumbs down.

    I would still like advice on a new bike. My budget is less than 450. Any help would be great.


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    No good Windsor SUCKS , ATTN: DO NOT PURCHASE

    I purchased a Ghost 6500 almost a year ago , and after about 5 months of riding the rear hub locked up, and about three months after that the rear swingarm broke , and I was told if I did not want to send the whole bike components and all , then I could take place in thier " no-fault " crash replacement for $180.00 , or I could purchase another rear swingarm for $100.00 . So it was send the whole bike for close to $200.00 round trip for them to "evaluate" if I was eligiblefor warranty replacement , or spend $200 for a new no fault replacement (frame + shipping) , or $ 135 for new swingarm , rear wheel , and top chainring replacement (to replace the one that was damaged when the swingarm snapped) . No matter which direction I go in I will be spending the same amount roughly , and why would I buy something like this , when the first one proved to be such a POOR quality product. How many times would I need to replace this part because of the poor quality of workmanship coming from this company . Oh and cutomer service ... dont hold your breath. Email correspondence is ALL you will ever get with this company , never will you speak with someone directly to tell them of your horrific troubles , partly because they do not want to have to hear of all the misfortune people have had with thier product. I am going to forego any more riding this season in hopes of finding a better frame from a better company , with a better reputation of customer service , and quality.This company sucks , I am going to buy a new frame use the components off of this one and build a better bike from the frame up , just to wash my hands of this company , after that I am going to send them the frame back ,with a glossy matte photo of me giving them the finger standing next to my new bike. Then I am going to do all that I can to warn ANY potential customers against purchasing a WINDSOR product. Hope this helps ....

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