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    Voodoo Zobop....you got anything??

    New frame released this month happens to coinside exactly with crack in my frame. Looks like all of my components willl swap over, but no ride time reviews or listed weight.
    last thing i want to do is upgrade to a new frame and then end up at the back of the pack....I hear it's freakin dusty back there!
    Anyone got anything??

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    Don't know much about the Zobop, but there's lots of good feedback on the Canzo, one like this maybe? http://cgi.ebay.com/Voodoo-Canzo-L-M...#ht_525wt_1270

    I'd like to think the quality has been maintained or even increased for the Zobop.
    Fall is here. Woo-hoo!

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    Yeah, thanks for the link.
    I emailed Voodoo asking for some specific info...unfortunately the reply totally skirted my questions and was pretty much of no value, other than the fact that he did reply.
    I may try to hold out for a Reign. Too bad for the Zobop, it looks to have promise.

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    I've been riding hardtails since 1995 and I'm looking into my first full suspension frame. I've been talking with my LBS about possibly ordering a Zobop frame and swapping over the components from my hardtail.

    The main bike tech there at my LBS has a Canzo and he loves it. When I asked what he suggested for me that is reasonably priced, he said he has been considering a Zobop for himself.

    I had previously looked at the Zobop online but I sort of wrote it off because I couldn't find any reviews at all. The LBS had nothing but good things to say about Voodoo and the Canzo. Also, the price I was quoted for the Zobop frameset was less than I expected based on the prices I've seen online. I am planning to order one on tomorrow.

    Did you ever get the info you were after about the Zobop? Maybe I can find out for you through my LBS because I will be in there tomorrow to place my order.

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