Taking the XCL to Fruita!

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  • 03-23-2007
    Taking the XCL to Fruita!
    That's right folks! Fruita Sun.-Mon.

    Will have pics up when I get back!

  • 03-27-2007
    Hello???? Hello???? Is this mic on?

    Did you fall on your head or something? If you did, I hope you are OK...if not, isn't it about time to post a ride report...and more importantly pics?
  • 03-27-2007
    Funny, Geo.....Yeah Fruita was freaking awesome. The XCL is the perfect bike for CO. Drops, climbs, corners, the XCL ruled. Have pics later.
  • 03-31-2007
    :sleep: ........still waiting............
  • 04-01-2007
    Seriously bro pics are due, I have an xcl on the way brudda, can't get enough