• 12-14-2014
    SyCip Double Dribble frame
    I'm looking at the SyCip Double Dribble 29er frame and can't decide whether to go steel or aluminum frame? Any of you Double Dribble have any recommendations?
  • 04-28-2016

    The double dribble is built on a steel front and using a ventana Alum. rear end
    The frame is fairly light, nice riding bike.
    You can pick from 4, 5 or 5.5 inch travel, custom built to your specifications.
  • 07-28-2016
    I had a Curtlo steel front with a Ventana rear. It was a 26 inch frame with 5/6" travel rockers. I folded the frame in a head on with a dirt bike. The rear was fine so I had Ventana build a new custom front triangle.

    I went with the Ventana front because they could get the triangle with custom numbers to me in three weeks compared to Curtlos eight month lead time. Why custom? Ten years ago nobody was making bikes with the current geometry numbers for Super D and Enduro courses. Slack HA, steep SA, low BB, long TT.

    The frame weights were only a couple ounces different. They rode nearly the same with the Al frame being a bit stiffer. I wouldnt call the steel frame more flexy, but it was more lively. I could lead it into a turn for instance, if that makes sense. I wouldnt hessitate to order another steel front triangle.
  • 07-28-2016
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    Here's the Curtlo I had made in 2006. and a pic after the head on crash.

    18" frame
    24" TT
    5/6" travel