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    SWD Racing

    Had the good fortune to meet SWD Racing rider Brian Hapgood at a recent race in Fujimi, Japan. In addition to being super fast, he's also really knowledgeable about his ride. After sharing some specs/company info he offered a test ride for the following day if we were to be around (we weren't ).

    Anyway, after spending some time at their site http://www.swdracing.com/ and seeing their DH bike in action at the Fujimi DH race, I think there's a lot to like about this company and their bikes.

    If anyone has knowledge or experience they could share about this small builder from Modesto, CA I'd really appreciate it as I'm considering a replacement for my Shockwave for next season.

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    I have also had the pleasure of meeting Steve DeLay and Hapgood and they both were totally amped on their product. I like the fact that they are fully steel frames with huge pivot bearings. and since it is fully custom, you can set it up the way that you want, or like your favorite single pivot race bike. I am working on a model now and am probably going to have one built up soon.

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    Wink Shot this one at Sea Otter...

    They're a great company and cool people!!

    Edit...for some reason it isn't loading , It's the hardtail they recently built, I'm sure it's on their site, oh well.

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