• 11-23-2006
    Strong Hardtail or IF Steel Deluxe $$$$$
    I was about to order a Strong hardtail MTB but, I was told by a local bike shop in Houston I should strongly consider looking at a IF Steel Deluxe. From what I have read so far on this website and IF's website the Steel Deluxe seems to be a good bike. I am not sure which bike is the best bike. The Strong is $1200 and the Steel Deluxe IF is $1700. Is the IF Steel Deluxe worth $500 more than the Strong? I have not had a chance to ride either bikes. $1700 dollars seems to be very steep for a steel MTB. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  • 11-24-2006
    I dont have much experience with IF, but from what I've heard they are comparable builders. I own a Strong Ti HT and couldnt be happier with it. With Strong frames you know who is building your frame, Carl Strong. With IF or any of the other 'botique' mass producers you dont know exactly who is building your frame. Carl will talk to you and most of the time he is the only one you will talk to. When I get another bike built its going to be by Carl Strong and I wont spend as much just because Im paying for a name. Just my two cents...
  • 11-24-2006
    I currently havd a Strong Ti SS and have had a geared steel IF. I have a friend that has a Strong Ti and also a Strong steel bike. The quality of the steel is as good if not better than the IF plus Carl is great to work with. If it were me I would go with Strong.
  • 11-24-2006
    EBG 18T
    go with the Strong. Carl will build you exactly what you want and will communicate with you though the process. He built me a frame (road) a few years back and it was perfect. I just placed another order with him a few weeks back for another steel hardtail (mtn). You really cannot beat the price and quality of Carls work.
  • 11-24-2006

    Originally Posted by mibpf
    Is the IF Steel Deluxe worth $500 more than the Strong?

    Short answer - no. I have a Strong built steel hardtail 29er that is unbelievable, and an Independent Fabrication Crown Jewel Special Edition steel roadie frame that is equally incredible. It is nice being able to talk to Carl Strong on the phone whenever you call and you may have a little better "connection" through the design and construction processes with him. The build and paint quality at IF are nearly unparalleled, but the $500 upcharge is hard to justify. FYI-both Strong and IF will he implementing price increases as of the first of the year '07, so decide and get your order in ASAP.
  • 11-26-2006
    Strong! no contest here....
  • 11-27-2006
    Carl Strong....
    I loved being able to readily talk to the builder. Lower price - means he has lower overhead. He's been doing great work for a long time. VERY easy to reach via phone or e-maiil.
  • 11-28-2006
    Ross W.
    At this level of framebuilders, it doesn't really make much difference, both are amazing quality. It'll be a little more personal with Strong, as he's a one man show.

    That said, I paid 1400 for a steel Deluxe SS, that was only a few months ago, don't know if their prices have gone up or maybe geared is more?