Standard custom DJ frame

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  • 02-27-2014
    bald dirt bag
    Standard custom DJ frame
    Just ordered yet another custom frame and fork. Should arrive in 6-8 weeks. Chrome takes a couple weeks more. But here are the specs, 69 head tube, 14" chain stay (slammed) 22" top tube, mid bottom bracket, campy spec head tube ( integrated. I got Paragon dropouts for a disk/ hanger set up with 3/8 bolt on axles. The fork is 30 degree offset with Paragon 20mm dropouts and disk standard mounts. All is OX platinum steel with triple chrome finish. Should be light, strong as hell and fast too. Pics comming soon.......Jon
  • 07-30-2014
    geez that sounds fun. for those unfamiliar with Standard, they quite literally set a lot of "standards" for bmx bikes. to my recollection, they were among the first to use thick, one-piece dropouts, threadless forks, strong ramp/street frames, high-end chromoly tubing, etc. my initiation into cycling was watching Style Cats in 1995 or so, so it makes me smile whenever I hear that Standard is still going strong.