• 09-07-2016
    SOULCRAFT Bikes Not Taking Any Orders Until Next Year...
    I'm always into Steel Builds. Is business that good for Soulcraft? Anyone have a holly roller?

    Looks to to be the same exact kind of build to Independent Fab.
  • 02-04-2017
    Soulcraft are the guys who built Salsa frames and stems before QBP took them over. They make fantastic bikes!
  • 03-13-2017
    I saw something this weekend to the effect that Soulcraft was moving to new shop space and I'm guessing that's partly why they stopped taking orders. I hope a very full queue is another reason. I love seeing craftsman like Sean being successful.
  • 12-21-2017
    I have a Holy Roller with horizontal dropouts that I have made into a drop bar dingle-speed. One of the most fun bikes I own.