Show me your Jericho!

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  • 09-25-2005
    Show me your Jericho!
    A potential Jericho purchase coming up - show me yours!
  • 09-25-2005
    Forgive me if im wrong but didnt Jericho go out of business? Their website has been down for sometime now..........
  • 09-27-2005
    Jericho's New Website - Not back from the painters yet
    Jericho is alive and kicking. I hear that it is a one man operation now. Josh dumped his partner because of idealogical conflicts. Well, there is a new site in the works but it has not been delivered from the painters yet. I love my Jericho, but one needs to have patience when dealing with jericho. Masterpieces are not created over nite.

    I will try to post pics of my steed as soon as I locate them or take new ones. I love her and she loves to be ridden.

    Good luck on your ensuing purchase.
  • 09-28-2005
    Calling Deano
    Deano if you drop us a line we can give you some feedback on Jericho, we spoke to him at IB last year. ;)