• 01-21-2016
    Shock mount hardware dimensions for a 2011 Titus X Carbon?
    I just got delivery of a second hand frame X Carbon fram and will build it up with parts from a donor bike.

    I'm fully aware this is a XC race machine but I'm looking at a more trailsy build :).

    This got me thinking that offset bushings might be worth a try for relaxing the angles but I haven't got the hardware dimensions at hand. I could measure but don't really trust my measuring skills :)

    Any input greatly appreciated
  • 01-24-2016
    Got the vernier caliper out today and measured the rear/lower mount to 35.5 mm.

    At the same time I came across this document in another thread which states 35.0 mm:

    Funny thing is that after a bit of googling most measurements seem consistently low by .5 mm or so in the document.

    Reamains to be seen if I can find an offset bushing. 35.5 seems like an oddball dimension.