I don't know how many of you knew Sheldon Brown or who he was, but I am quite saddened to hear that he died today.

His website and encyclopedia of bike information remains invaluable. It is huge and covers a wide range of bikes, time, and geography. It is refreshingly free of opinion except in the cases where Sheldon Brown makes it clear that he is giving an opinion. His analysis of bike problems and phenomena is done clinically and scientifically. In an industry driven by emotion and hype, he was an island of facts and clear thinking.

Sheldon Brown answered the few emails I sent him quickly and accurately, giving me unbiased answers to my questions.

My own story. I was selling FSA headsets and encountered contradictory information between FSA's specs of their own product and the list of dimensions Sheldon Brown gave of different styles of older headsets. I confronted the people at FSA with this, and they themselves said "if Sheldon Brown disagrees with us, then he is probably right." It turns out he was, FSA's own specs turned out to be wrong, and FSA updated their own specs.