Hi to all Se7en owners out there.
good day to you all.

i need advise and inputs from you guys.
other riders not riding a se7en giving inputs is much appreciated too.

I am in the process of reviewing my custom kit.
And, while waiting for it, I've been reading up reviews & studying geometries and such. Now, the headache starts. I am about to finalise & sign it off.

I've read how some riders complained of too much flex bb. and also noodly feeling(how bad can riding a noodle be i wonder??) when out riding trails. Wasted energy is smtg I do not want. Of course I am not expecting a highly rigid road bike stiffness.

I'm not a big male rider, 5.7ft and just 135 lbs.
I speced 7/10 for drivetrain rigidity and 3/10 for vert. compliance. 8/10 for weight to performance. 5/10 for handling.

will this work against me? i described myself as a spinner in the CUSTOM sheet but sometimes i do mash my gears out of excitement! i love high speeds on & off road. mostly, i ride off roads trails.i was a downhill racer before thinking back of xc now. i missed my specialized rockhopper HARDTAIL lightness and simplicity when i started mtn biking but hated its rigidness. Negotiating a 1 ft jump, it bucked me off and i crashed over the bars head on.(i knew how to jump). Thats the last ride with it before full sus came to me. Buying a custom ti frame, I am looking for comfort & vert. compliance of all things 1st but i do want to race sometimes. Thats when i dont want to return to this forum to say how bad my bike perform. worse, describe it like a 'noodle' or something!

I am thinking you guys have the experience to share how your ti feels, especially those who went thru custom. i feel like raising a bar on the sheet, 8/10 for drivetrain rigidity and 4/10 for vert. compliance but I am afraid I will miss out the lively ti feel. I am caught in btw: not to have a 'noodle' made of ti, and i dun want a stiff pogo stick made of ti either. thats why i lean more towards softness in my specs. Is it ok for my weight & height & the riding i do? will it be too soft of just right?
Like most of you, i am looking for the last bike ever. perfect balance of rigidity and vert. compliance.

Thank you