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    Scott Spark

    Does anyone have any input, experience, opinions, ride reviews, etc, of the Scott Spark? I'm really interested in the Spark 20 w/XT.

    The idea of a 4" travel bike with a fr/rr lockout is very appealing for the long endurance riding I like to do!


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    I just picked up a Spark 30, and have a few decent rides on it now. I'll give you an idea of other bikes I own that this is being compared to.....Giant NRS, Specy Epic, Titus Motolite and Racer-X . The most even of the two bikes on paper and in real riding are the Racer-x and the Spark. My titus is down aroung 22.5 pounds though, so the spark has a ways to go to get close to that. I got the Thirty because I knew I'd change everything anyway....why spend even more money. Now the ride....I have been pretty impressed by the Spark overall. Its very stiff and the headtube/top tube junction is pretty massive. If you haven't seen one of these frames its much stouter than the pictures suggest. Power transfer is quite good, but the Racer-X gets the nod for best pedaling. My honest guess is that a lot of it has to do with the two shocks. If I could get an RP23 for the spark I think it would be far closer. Still, the Spark is very good. I hated the traction lock system, and took it off. Yep it worked ok, actually the lockout function quit after my second ride, so I don't know if it was a problem with the cable or shock. But out of annoyance I yanked it and spent more time on my shock pressures. I'm fairly happy with it in full 110mm mode for cadence riding and technical too. I think the Spark feels more bottomless than the racer-x but still not in the same league with the Motolite. Go figure... I've made a couple small changes to the Spark so far, but nothing big yet. I'm in New Hampshire until October and most of my bikes are at home in Flordia. All I have here is the Motolite and the NRS. Otherwise I'd probably steal all the good stuff of the Racer-X and have a 21 pound Spark. I guess the bottom line is go for it. I think its a stone throw from the finest bikes in catagory, and can probably be tuned further in the future. (And you may love the traction lock if you plan to race it in endurance events)
    I opted for a small frame and I'm always at the small/medium size cutoff at 5-7" but the bike came with 170mm cranks and a 350mm seatpost. This setup left me about an inch to low to get proper extention in my legs so I had to ask Scott to get me a longer post. Two weeks later in comes a brand new Ritchey WSC carbon post 34.9X400mm. Counldn't believe they upgraded me for free. That was a huge shock. So I'm thrilled with Scott's customer service so far! Good luck.

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    Love my Spark 20 as I have been abusing it for about 3 months now. Climbs nearly as well as my old Zaskar and flies back down much better. I went w/ the 20 since I don't plan on upgrading anything major until it breaks and the 10/Limited were a bit beyond my budget. My old bike also didn't have enough usable parts to make it worthwhile to transfer. I don't know if the Fox is really any better than my Reba Race on my previous bike but I do miss the pop-lock to work w/ the TC. I weighed the XR1 wheels at about 1830g so its a bit lighter than the Crossrides and using fairly standard parts. I do wish Scott used a smaller diameter seatpost as the Ritchey Pro Carbon 34.9mm x 400 is pretty chunky as is the WCS b/c the diameter is so huge and the warranty is voided by using a shim. Only parts I would change for chceap are probably the pedals(get something a bit lighter than 520's), stem/bar - (230g riser + House brand stem = heavy). That said mine still came in just under 25lb in large.

    As for the finicky lockout...the shop pretty much dismantled the first shock out of the box trying to fix the cable b/c they weren't able to clock it correctly while trying to build it up for me to test ride. They replaced the shock and it's been working fine the entire time I've owned it.

    Rides great and looks so hot straight out of the box.

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