schooling on tubing-
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    schooling on tubing

    I have a custom SS that has a fit that I am really happy with. I want to get another one as a gearie and am not sure if I should go with the same tubing. Honestly I dont know how the different choices will effect the feel of my ride. My current frame is Zona and here are a few of my choices:

    * Reynolds 853/725
    * Easton sc7000 Scandium
    * Easton Elite aluminum

    * Columbus Focus
    * Columbus Nemo
    * Columbus Genius
    * Columbus EL/cyber
    * Columbus Zona

    any info, thoughts, etc are appreciated.


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    This is just my personal experience, so take it for what it's worth.

    On the matter of steel, all the newer lightweight tubesets ride pretty much the same. They all have that nice steel feel. The only time where I have experience difference in steel ride is when you compare a thicker 4130 tubeset (like in the Surly frames) with one of the ligher boutique steels like 853. A thick straight non butted 4130 frame can feel as stiff as aluminum and not very steel feeling at all. The Surly Instigator is one stff mofo and you'd think you're riding aluminum.

    Never ridden a Scandium, so can't speak.

    If I was going custom, I'd choice steel. Not so much for the ride feel, but for the strong fatigue life that it inherently possesses.

    There are so many other components and factors that can give a stiff frame a more steel like ride. Fitting in a fat Mutano Raptor 2.4 Race tire on any aluminum hardtail will give you a cush compliant ride for example.

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