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    New question here. Risse Racing Quality ...??? Help-

    Hey everyone-

    Need a little help here with those out here who have had any experiences with Risse Racing products.

    I have had a very disappointing experience with Risse on thier Trixxxy fork at the seven inch setting.

    The fork just will not hold it's oil, right out of the box, and lost it's oil in less than a mile of street use prior to hitting a triple set of 20' concrete stairs that resulted in total front disc brake failure (Hayes 8") and no braking force to stop an impact at the bottom into a three foot high steal railing structure the "teed" at the bottom landing site.

    Looking to find some others who have had simular experiences with Risse, regardless of the product, and how it failed and what injuries, if any, resulted and how Risse handled the matter.

    Risse seemed very "integrated" with me and assured me of "exceptional" quality in the prcess of "building" a custom fork, however, after contacting them with the notice of failure and personal injuries, they stoped all communications entirely.

    I am seeking legal recourse and would appreciate any honest testimonies of those who, like myself, have been treated in the same or simular fashion with Risse over these concerns and issues.
    I have already gained a professional analysis of the physical aspects of the fork and the findings are staggering and contrary to thier claims of "exceptional" quality.
    (I am beginning to question what thier meaning of "exceptional" really means ... exceptionally poor quality maybe???)

    I have the legal support to effectively bring Risse into -forced- accountability, especially with the professional analysis findings, however, I would like to ask for the assistance of others too, just so we can make our case universally congruent when we drag them into our fine courts to answer for thier testimony of "exceptional quality" and why they refuse to be be Truely Responsible towards the consumer in product performance and safety of use.

    Any help will serve this cause well-
    Thankyou sincerely-

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    Jed Peters
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    Fishing again?

    Take it elsewhere. Like to a whole other website.

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    I think you are trying to screw Risse Racing

    I've bought a few things from Risse and NEVER had a problem.
    I have a Trixxxy fork and their Hex link on my FSR and their parts are great.
    I like them so much that when I started my business, I contacted them first to carry their products.
    Your post does not sound like Risse at all.
    I think that there must be more to this story that you are not telling us. Kevin Risse is a first rate guy. They have always been very responsive to my questions and concerns and if anything, they have gone above and beyond my expectations.
    I think that you are fishing and trying to screw Risse Racing.

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    Linoleum Knife
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    So you pull a brand new fork out of the box, install it, and after 1 mile of street test riding you jump it down 20 feet of stairs and hit a railing

    You sound like a [email protected]

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    Quote Originally Posted by forkboy
    So you pull a brand new fork out of the box, install it, and after 1 mile of street test riding you jump it down 20 feet of stairs and hit a railing

    You sound like a [email protected]
    He more than likely over-tightened the lower triple clamp pinch bolts causing it to stick in the compressed position.

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