Ibex Atlas Pro Update
<hr style="color: rgb(183, 183, 183);" size="1"> <!-- / icon and title --> <!-- message --> It is really strange going from a plush 6.75in travel 39lb plow through anything Versus Blitz II to a 5in travel 28lb flickable bike. The Manitou Evolver ISX-4 rear shock is really sweet it is smooth on the single track soaking up the roots & rocks with ease yet when hitting GNARCAL DH sections it's very responsive & soaks up allot, not as nice as a coil but close. Front fork is a Manitou Minute with SPV, oh that thing is horrible, allot like a ridged fork. Performed the Devolve & used 7wt fork fluid & walla dang this fork works really nice now. When climbing, as much as i hate to, there is very little BoB without the SPV, highly recommend doing it if you like to ride. Answer 1" rise bars are freaky narrow at 24.5 compared to my normal 26.5, sneeze & you turn, will be swapping the 90mm stem to a 80mm & a 1.5 rise bar that i can cut to 26.5. Been doing allot of AM/DH & even threw in a couple sweet drop jumps that shocked me how smooth it launched & landed. We have this sweet DH section called Hitler that is full of loose rock, roots silt & steep, you touch the brakes & you get tossed, it's all about riding it out. Atlas does extremely well here not as fast or smooth as Blitz II but definitely not a loss of confidence in the bike ripping through. High speed twisting single track is sooo killa Atlas just loves to shoot off the corners & is very responsive to out side pedal drive, if you corner with the cranks flat it will slide like most bikes do but put the weight on the outside pedal & pedal off the corner it goes.

Pedal location is critical being that im spoiled with a high BB bike. It tends to hit allot but it's not intended to be a DH bike so it's probably a moot point & i have learned to adjust to this.
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