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    Riding the Chumba 29er HT Prototype - xpost from 29er forum

    I got the opportunity to borrow the new Chumba 29er HT prototype. Man, this is a fun bike. I'm very impressed.

    This particular bike came with a Maverick SC32, WTB Exiwolfs (F/R) with 32/20 gearing. Tensioning comes via an EBB. It looks like you can attach a derailleur hanger to the rear dropout as well. My usual SS is a Voodoo Aizan w/ KM Fork, WTB Nanoraptors and 32/21 gearing.

    Besides having a squishy fork up front, there were a few differences I noticed right away.

    Rider Position
    Compared to my Voodoo, the Chumba puts my body in a way more comfortable position. It almost feels like I'm on a FS trailbike. I find that I can ride this bike for longer periods of time without discomfort.

    You'll notice that the rear end is very stiff when you pedal. Power transfer is very efficient. There's no noticeable flex under power. On my Aizan, you can actually see the chainstays flexing when I stomp down. In fact, I had to get a wider BB so my cranks wouldn't hit them under torque.

    Stiff yet compliant?
    I thought for sure the ride was going to be super harsh due to the burly construction. The frame is made of 6061 aluminum. To my surprise, this frame actually rides nicer than my scandium Voodoo. The Chumba rear wheel stays better planted over washboard type surfaces. My Voodoo tends to kick up the rear wheel going over rough stuff.

    The Chumba is definitely heavier than my Voodoo. The chainstay and seatstay yokes on the prototype are CNC'd solid aluminum. Supposedly, Chumba will try to cut some weight when they go to production.

    However, the little extra weight also gives me a sense of security. I'm about 180lbs and scandium might not be the right choice for me - especially over the rough stuff. I have visions of the Voodoo frame buckling under me sometimes.

    I'll have the bike for another week or so. If you spot me riding somewhere (I'm in Orange County, CA) and want to give it a try - flag me down.
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    29ers are so 2006

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    Fo. It's still 2006.

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    beautiful looking bike man. seems like these chumba folks are doing a few things right. cool

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