• 03-06-2017
    Raleigh Tokul 4130 2016 or 2017
    I'm looking to get into mountain biking and know little about mountain bikes (I'm an avid road cyclist though) and I get a corporate discount on Raleigh and Diamondback, so I feel that's the best way to get the most bike for my $. Anyways, I'm trying to decide between the 2016 & 2017 Raleigh Tokul based on suggestions from others. My understanding is that the 16 is a regular 27 and has better overall components, but the 17 has the dropper post and a better fork? The 16 is $899 and the $17 is $1100. I didn't want to spend over $1000, but I understand I may need to. I want something I'm not going to outgrow...But I don't need anything crazy. I doubt I'll ever be doing any hardcore stuff on the bike..So that's why I chose this over full suspension. Anyways, something easy to ride but capable is what I was looking for.. I'm just stuck trying to decide. Hoping someone here has one or both and can give some advice on what I should choose and why.
    Thank you!
  • 03-06-2017
    no question the 2017, it's plus size and an 11 spd drive train