• 04-03-2017
    Raleigh full suspension bikes any good?
    Hello all,
    This is my first post I am just looking to buy my first real bike. I am looking to spend between $500 and $1000 I can get either the Raleigh Kodiak 1 or Kodiak 2 in that range. Anyone have any experience with these bikes? Is it work the extra to get the Kodiak 2 for a beginner to full suspension?

    Located in the Phoenix AZ area and will probably ride in flagstaff and payson areas for any locals.


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  • 04-13-2017
    I own a Raleigh Skarn and I think it is a fantastic bike. However, it is a single pivot linkage suspension set-up, not a single pivot swing arm. It is also a carbon fiber race bike so it is quite a bit lighter than the bikes above and it does not have as much travel. However, Raleigh tends to make a solid bike that will do what you need it to do. With 120mm of travel, you should be able to ride 90 percent of the trails in Phoenix with no real issues. These single pivot swing arm frames are pretty common and all work well. As long you stay seated, they pedal decently and they have little maintenance issues because there is only one pivot. I once had a Haro Extreme X2 and it had 150mm of travel. I rode it all over Phoenix and I loved that bike.

    I would spend as much as you can. It has almost always been worth it to get better parts in my experience.