Hi All,

new to this forum and I like to share some input of Radon service / support and Radon bikes in general.

Well long story short is that I bought the Radon Swoop 200 Team from another person who won it in a competition and the bike was still in its original package so it was unused.

The bike is awesome even I don't have any downhills here I use it trails and so on.
It's a bit of struggle to go uphill but then again I use as a training vehicle so it gets the job done.
Been testing it in small downhills also and boy you can pedal it hard downhill

So the bike is very good. But for Radon support and service is another story.
The bikes rear derailleur hasn't been working from the beginning. It just wouldn't shift the gears properly.. the gears would just keep jumping all over the place.
So I took it to a local dealer service and they told me that the cause of this was probably the frame not being straight or the derailleur itself being faulty. What they did was that they honed the hanger and this way the derailleur sits in a more straight line with the wheel and cassette.
This way I can use it almost normally.. in some gears it still keeps having some noises etc. but all in all it works.
Here is a video clip using the default hanger not the honed one:
Original hanger shifting gears

So in the video it's easy to see that the gears are not shifting properly with the default hanger.

I have contacted Radon support and reclamation service about this problem.
And because I have not bought the bike from them directly they are not willing to do anything / compensate me in any way.
As to my understanding the bike should have a normal warranty even if it was in a competition, what do you think?

What they suggested was to bring the bike to their store in Bonn.. well I said that yes I can do that if you can pay for the shipping bills. Well as you can guess they turned that suggestion down Other than this they also was willing to send me a t-shirt or something and to that I replied with small list that instead of t-shirts if they would send me some protection gear like, driving glowes, pants etc. But that was a no also.

So I love the bike but for Radon support and service I can't recommend it.