• 03-15-2007
    bat on a bike
    A question of cleaning a ti frame
    HI all im just in the middle of waiting of my new dekerf ti implant frame:D and have purchased an onone inbred ti singlespeed frame to play with .
    My question is this .
    Ive herd that you can use wire wool on bear ti to polish it up, what do u guys do with your ti frames to keep them looking good im more interested in getting the inbred looking good as the dekerf is brand new of course but i will need to look after that to:thumbsup: any way thanks for any help with this bat.
  • 03-15-2007
    Fat Elvis
    I've never scrubbed mine down with anything, although I know you can do it. I use Lemon Pledge (spray on; wipe off with paper towel). That's what the guys at Dean told me to do, and it's a pretty common approach for ti.
  • 03-15-2007
    If you want a brushed (shiney) finshed then you should give your frame a going over with a scotch pad. If you have a matt (satin) finish that you want to preserve then you can either apply a wax based furniture polish or sex wax (surf board wax, i have never tried it but have been told it works).