• 01-07-2018
    Question About Titus Motolite

    Sadly my new(er) bike has been stolen. My trusty old Motolite 2 will now emerge from the garage while I decide on a new bike.

    However, I had become used to 2 X 10 with climbing friendly cranks. The Motolite is 3 X 9. Looking at the Motolite there isn't a lot of space around the 9 speed cassette on it.

    I was wondering if anyone knows if the Titus will take a 10 speed cassette?
  • 01-26-2018
    Question About Titus Motolite
    Sorry for your loss. However, good news is that a 10speed cassette is the same width as a 9speed cassette. I just upgraded my drive train on my Motolite II to 2x10.

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  • 01-27-2018
    Thanks. Bike shop actually got 1 X 11 to fit. Still with them for an overhaul but can't wait to get it back!