is it possible to retrofit frame reinforcement?-
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    New question here. is it possible to retrofit frame reinforcement?

    I have an early RM ETSX that has a small history of seat tube failure just below the upper
    pivot mounts. The latest frames have redesigned pivot mounts that should prevent this
    from happening. I am quite happy with my bike and tend to keep my bikes forever.
    Is it possible to have a frame builder reinforce this area after the warranty has run out?
    AND Is it possible to repair and reinforce it if the frame does break? All broken frames
    seem to have a clean circumferential separation just below the pivot mount.

    I am not a hard rider and there will be long periods when the bike sits. However there
    will be equally long periods when you can't get me off the bike. It's one of these periods
    outside warranty that concerns me.

    Thanks for any input.


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    Aluminum bikes are quite difficult to repair, because the frame will have to be re-aged/re-heat-treated after the repair is complete. If you can find the correct treating procedure, and a facility that will perform it, you may find success.

    Without knowing what wall-thickness tubes were used, and where butt transitions end (etc, etc) it could be quite hard for a builder to know what to do to prevent a failure. Adding a gusset here might cause the whole thing to fail over there. Without seeing the frame, I couldn't even guess.

    I'd probably leave it as it is until something happens. It could last forever. And if it does fail, you may want something else by then. Incessant *****ing and moaning to RM might help score you a reduced-cost replacement...

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