• 04-19-2007
    Pics of XACD or chi-ti frames?
    Anyone with pics of xacd or chi-ti frames?
  • 04-20-2007
    Ricky J
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    Spicer 29er
    Gene Spicer did this custom Ti 29" "cruiser" for me in January 2006. Working with him was wonderful, and the process of reviewing and amending blueprints proved fascinating! Seat tube length is 20.5" and the overall weight is a fraction over 25 pounds. Handling and ride quality are delightful. Styling (and welds) are beautiful. This bike is a keeper!

    The first four pictures show it on Day One, the last shot is tonight's- note the addition of a Blacksheep Ti unicrown fork and Moots Tailgator rack.
  • 04-20-2007
    i see this bike aroung here (mtbr) from time to time,
    it is just beutifull !
    in its original version a little better.
  • 04-20-2007
    Poppy, your Thylacine is really beautiful. It is the best looking bike to have been made (ok, its not quite finished yet) in a long time !
  • 04-20-2007
    Can't agree with you more bandh,
    the thing is it would take few more weeks before i have it here so to make it easy on myself i wondering around late at night....:nono:

    but for real this one i really like.

    thanx Man,
  • 04-21-2007
    Youre welcome. Being a Thylacine owner myself I know that you are going to be over the moon with the finished product.
  • 04-25-2007
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    XACD for Two
    I had this made by Changda almost 4 years ago. It was a totally custom project and they performed to spec. I missed on one detail that I should have caught but that was my fault totally and I was able to fix it on this end so no biggie. Not the prettiest welds but they are holding, so far, and I hope they do for years to come because we really like the bike!

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  • 05-07-2007
    is spicer made in china?
    Are spicer frames made at xacd? is he the middle man?
  • 05-09-2007
    Ricky J
    Gene Spicer
    Middle man? As far as I can tell he was the designer, not merely an importer. My frame was a full custom and during the spec'ing process any changes I'd request would be quickly incorporated into a new blueprint and emailed to me. He is certainly fluent in the language of frame design and fit! However one defines Gene's role the end result was 100% customer satisfaction.
  • 05-20-2007
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    Here's mine; it's a copy of a Karate Monkey and came straight from XACD (no designer or middle-man). I've been really satisfied with it so far and the construction and execution is pretty nice. If you deal directly with XACD you better know exactly what you want because they are frame builders not craftsmen or designers.
  • 05-21-2007
    any possibility of some close up weld pics?