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    Our Chumba Experience....

    Hello all, I just wanted to post and share about our awesome experience with Chumba while looking for a new bike for my wife.

    She had been researching and demoing several different bikes in her quest to find a new bike. The Chumba XCL was definitely on our short list but we live in Las Vegas and there are no dealers here, so I emailed Chumba to see which shop listed on their site in California would allow us to demo an XCL, since Cali isn’t to far (4 hours) we figured it would be worth a trip to test the bike before dropping that kind of cash on a bike. They emailed back and said, since we were gonna be in the area anyway just come by Chumba headquarters and they would take us out for a ride and let us demo the bike! As if this weren’t already above and beyond what most bike companies would do, personally attending to a perspective customer, I got another email a day or so later from Brian, saying that he was coming to Vegas on a personal trip in a couple weeks, and if we wanted he would bring a couple bikes out with him that we could have and demo for the weekend…!! Of course we were like, hell yeah!, So Brian ends up bringing us out two different XCLs for my wife to test and an Evo for a buddy of mine that was in the market for a new bike as well. He met up with us on a Friday morning, to help us set up the bikes and we all went for ride at Bootleg Canyon. For the rest of the weekend we got to have the bikes and put them through the paces on our own trails for as long as we wanted.

    So long story short my wife is the proud owner of a new XCL and my buddy ended up buying one of the demo XCLs that Brian brought out. We ended up driving to California a week later anyway to pick them up since we had a Gooseberry Mesa trip planned that we wanted the new bikes for, plus we couldn’t pass up the chance to check out the Chumba headquarters and go for another ride with Brian.

    I just want to Say a HUGE thanks to Brian at Chumba for going out of his way to take care of us, Its was a great experience riding the Chumbas, they are awesome bikes, and its was more like dealing with a local bike shop than a bike company. Keep up the good work!!

    P.S. I currently ride and Ellsworth Moment and love it!...but I have to give Chumba props for making some great bikes. I was really blown away by how the bikes cornered, they have a real balanced feel, and although I am not looking for a bike at the moment, I would definitely have to consider the Evo when my Moment gives up the ghost….maybe.

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    How's your wife liking the XCL? I love mine!!!

    Although Brian didn't bring any bikes up for me to demo...or give me a jersey like my friend got (hint hint!), he did answer my many harassing emails and questions!

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    His wife loves it!

    Yes I am lovin' it: The stumpy and enduro that I had before this bike were both my husband's hand-me-downs; so neither were my picks nor were they the "perfect" fit. Good bikes both; but compared to the Chumba...no comparison.

    Some significant changes to my riding experience: 1) I feel like my husband and I can ride a trail together - and actually ride a trail together (translation - he doesn't have to wait forever for me to catch up anymore) 2) when I crash (which is violently and frequently) my first thought is no longer "Will I be able to type at work on Monday?" it's "Is my bike okay?" So suffice to say...I'm lovin' it.

    Comments on the performance: the hype is true! Great bike, climbs mountains clean and efficiently, descends even better. Couldn't ask for more.

    Comments on Chumba's customer service: once again the hype is true! Paul pretty much said it all in the OP. The CS of this company is part of what originally steered us to Chumba. They definitely lived up to their reputation.

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    Yeah, Chumba is the kind of small company where you can call them up and ask any kind of questions you want. I've talked to Alan on the phone when I had a question,
    he's a totally stand up guy, he gives you the straight poop, no BS.
    There's nothing like being able to drive to the HQ for a demo. Not to bash
    Ellsworth, but I can't imagine them doing that. All of companies make nice bikes,
    but seeing how they rum their business and how they interact with their
    customers tells me something about the company. Just from being on these
    boards I've seen the way Chumba handles some difficult customers (that's putting it nice), and they always do it with class.
    And as I can attest myself, the XCL does handle like a plush sports car

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    Good job! Chumba is cool.

    They have been cool to me as well when I got my XCL and later an EVO.

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    Dude, the EVO is one sweet riding bike. You could really hammer it out at Bootleg. It's different than the Moment. I almost bought one in CO, but then we moved and so on and so forth. They're just so solid, so smooth.

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    I emailed chumba inquiring about an XCL and seriously no longer than 10 minutes Alan called me back and dropped some knowledge. Another day after he sent me photos of the new paint schemes. Thanks Chumba, when I finally decide to pull the trigger its definitely going to be a Chumba!

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