I thought I would post up here about my lovely little Orange Crush. I had a few years away from riding with life and work getting in the way. So when this came up for sale I just had to have it and get back out on the trails.

The bike is a great little thing. After coming off a rigid that was possibly older than some of you guys here, it was a world apart and so nice to ride even for someone unfit after all that time off. But now several years later it is still the best bike I have had or ridden. It was totally box stock when I got it so over time I have fine tuned it and just made some subtle changes. The Race Face bar was swapped for a Crank Brothers Iodine 3 and the stem for a Crank Brothers Cobalt 3 too. Just to make the cockpit feel more comfortable. Most of my first rides were just getting sorted and not only setting up the tyre pressures or suspension set up but getting some good miles in and the stem and bar change made a huge difference to feel and comfort.

Over time the brake squeal got annoying so I swapped the rotors for Shimano ice tech's after reading up on all of the solutions people have tried and it seems mostly failed to cure. So from my motorcycle background and importer for a ISR Brakes I decided to do the rotor swap which worked. I also upped the size to 203mm front and rear.

Then more recently I changed the Elixir 5 brakes for some SRAM Guide R calipers.

The brake set up is now totally amazing with all the modulation I want with more than enough power if I want it.

The only other changes have been to run 2.4 inch Conti tyres from the original 2.1's and to add a home made crud catcher I made from Pre-preg carbon fibre and a pre-preg carbon chain stay protector.

It has been the ideal bike for every ride I wanted to do with some long Welsh trails and some trail center rides that have either been a good mix of downhills or the odd flatter XC type but sand strewn trails that just seem to sap your legs. So up hill or down dale the bike has done all I have wanted and not tried to throw me off or break down on me, It has simply worked even before the changes with only one ride cut short due to a broken Speedplay Frog cleat breaking. The bike has been great.

So my next change is to swap the narrow rimmed wheels to some wider ones. Then go and ride it more this summer..