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    Opinions - Curved Top Tube

    About to order a new Moots Rigor. One of the things I am after is maximizing standover height. I am mulling over the possibility of including a curved TT to the spec. Wondering ifanyone thinks there are potential negative structural implications with going this route? I am certainly no engineer. Still trying to decide if I like it asthetically, but the structural issue is much more important. Thanx for any thoughts!!

    p.s. - If this is your frame in the picture, apologies for pirating the foto from eBay. Not many pics of the Moots curved TT optiona round.
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    Great option

    I think they modify the design so it dosn't weeken the frame and as a short legged rider I like the added standover without having to add a gusset. One of the coolest hartails I've ever seen was the litespeed Kitsuma which had a curved TT.

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    i'm no engineer here, but i think the top tube straight or curved, is not such a high stress area as compared to say the welds/joints at BB and headtube. plus the fact that rigor uses straight gauge ti, u need to be well over 200lbs to even tickle it's limits...a bigger concern should be the quality of the welds. but since it's a moots, im pretty sure that's well taken care of.

    imo if u compare straight tube vs curved, all else being equal, doesn't take much to figure that straight ones have better stress distribution. that said, there are bigger factors that contribute to the structural integrity of the whole frame, like the material, geometry, welds etc. in fact the curved stays of the rigor will take more beating than the curved top tube. in tt sense u needn't worry so much. i'm sure the guys at moots can advise u on this since they've done curve TT before, why not drop them a mail?

    personally i dun dig curved TT due to aesthetics. i'm a short guy riding a ti hardtail. instead of a curved TT,i get more standover by running a lower BB (i do xc only so i went low..like racing low!), shorter head tube and seat tube. with titanium, u can get away with running a super long seatpost with a short seat tube.. but note the clearance of your bottle/bottle cage

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