Nicolai UFO ST or Turner Highline...-
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    Nicolai UFO ST or Turner Highline...

    ah decisions decisions. Finally moving up to a killer freeride bike this year and even though I've never seen the UFO ST in person I can't stop drooling over this frame. Question is, anyone have ride time on both a UFO and a Highline? I know both frames would fit the bill, but unbelievably I'm leaning toward the UFO. I like lots of standover and low, slack bikes but still more FR geo than DH. This is a lot of $$ for me and I probably won't have a chance to test ride either frame. Bike will be built heavy for hucking and bombing downhill - not much pedaling. If UFO a 888 or 66 - if Turner a single crown for sure. What would you pick? Thanks!

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    Forester where are you located? You are more than welcome to come test mine in Oregon if you want
    Anyway, I was in your same shoes a while ago. I was looking at the HL, UFO ST, and Knolly delerium. If you check out my profile, this is the bike that made me decide on the UFO ST.
    Also the fact that I got a great deal and great service from Err on here and Blacksheep cycles. Those guys really took care of me!
    Anyway, it really came down to the UFO and HL. As I said I could not ride both so here are a list of the pros and cons for each that I came up with:

    1) Quality Turner CS and warranty service
    2) greasable big 3) needle bearings
    4) great geo with the short shock option
    5) numerous shock options

    cons: (mostly personal)
    1) wide rear end and BB makes for a wider stance than I like
    2) non-adjustable geo
    3) longer chain stay and overall length (better for full DH stuff than tight tech and jumping)
    4) >14" BB

    1) Nicolai beauty and originality
    2) 5 year transferable warranty
    3) huge main pivot needle bearings
    4) great geo that can be adjusted to just about any angle ou desire!
    5) Just about any shock will fit and two different strokes work yeilding same geo but different travel.
    6) geo can be adjusted to meet a dual crown or single crown
    7) short chain stays and shorter TT and low BB make this bike feel like a rocket ship
    and fly like nothing I have ever ridden...and I suck at jumping!

    1) some people have had issues with warranty taking long time, parts and getting a frames within a reasonable amount of time have been issues too
    2) ICMS is cool but tricky to get the right guide on there and fit is tricky!
    3) many adjustments are nice but all takes a little extra attention
    4) TT is really short for any real long uphill rides (though the 07 HL is too)
    5) short chain stays and short overall length take some getting used to when ripping the wide open runs.

    I have had my uf st for a couple of months now and have nevver ridden a more fun bike. I really see it as a slightly bigger cousin of the transition bottle rocket Not bigger length wise but travel wise. Super short, very low rocket bike that can take a beating all day long!
    Stomp the pdeals and it takes off.

    Mine is set up pretty light right now coming in at around 37lbs. I need it to be a little lighter right now as everythihng I ride this time of year I have to earn. Also chose the 66 sl ata so I can crank the fork and HA down for climbing.

    There are a bunch of pics on mtbr of most of the UFOs I have seen. Many different ways to build this bike up!

    Feel free to ask any questions you want and don't hesitate to PM me for anything at all!


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    Hey Forester, sounds like you down to two killer bikes.

    Booner did a great job summing up the differences.

    I own a Highline, it's primarily my wife's bike but I spend a good bit of time on it too, great all around frame. But, if you want tight geo, short chainstays and a more responsive ride, the UFO is the call. We set Boones up with a 66 but a dual crown fork is no problem either, matter of preference really.

    Feel free to hit me up on PM or at [email protected]

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    Thanks Boone - good info

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    Quote Originally Posted by forester
    Thanks Boone - good info
    Yeah baby get sum!!
    I am just messing with mines a little tonight
    Let us know what you are thinking and what you decide on!


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