New Pivot dealer in Idaho

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  • 04-19-2008
    New Pivot dealer in Idaho
    First, and foremost, I am in no way affiliated with this shop. I posted on the Idaho forum that I ran across their site after perusing the Sea Otter stuff, went to Pivot (since I'm a DW Link addict, own an MKIII and Ibis Mojo) and searched for local dealers. has some Pivot Mach 4s in store. Prices are pretty dang good cuz they want to get some bikes out on the trails seeing as the shop is only a week old. I'm interested in the new Niner Pivot has in the works, and will obviously have to wait. But his pricing is very, very good on the Mach 4 and 5 framesets, and I may be persuaded to get a shorter-travel DW bike.

    I don't know if they mailorder. But I do know that Chris and the crew at Pivot have themselves a truly friendly dealer in Boise, one without an attitude that many "boutique" brands seem to come with.
  • 04-23-2008
    Dan, thanks for the kind words.
    Be on the lookout for 29er pivots mid July, maybe a bit sooner.
    My shop does not do mail-order, but I can ship bikes on a case by case basis; particularly if there is no Pivot dealer in the buyers area.
    And yes, I'm looking to jump start my new shop with some great prices.

    -Alan Klarc-

    Pivot 429: