Went to my first hand made bike show, got my mind blown. So many bikes and details that you couldn't possibly catch it all on your first lap. I kept picking out new details on each bike on 2nd and 3rd lap that I missed the first time.

Really unique and beautiful stuff. Some that clearly took many many hours to complete.

Anyone else go? have a favorite bike?

Best in show, IMO, was the Blacksheep 36er. Absolutely WILD to see that thing in person.

Nahbs 2018-img_6527.jpg

Nahbs 2018-img_6530.jpg

Nahbs 2018-img_6542.jpg

Nahbs 2018-img_6544.jpg

Nahbs 2018-img_6555.jpg

Nahbs 2018-img_6565.jpg

Nahbs 2018-img_6577.jpg