My new Zion 660 Build

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  • 02-27-2008
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    My new Zion 660 Build
    I have finally completed my Zion 660 and it rides very nice. The weight for my 21" build is 22 pounds AND I can fit my 2.3 Speed Kings on it with plenty of clearance.

    Check it out :D
  • 02-27-2008
    Very nice! --Mark
  • 02-28-2008
    Parts list
    This is the parts list.

    21" zion frame
    Avid Juicy 7 disc brakes
    Truvativ team carbon flat bar and seat post
    Thomson 110 10 degrre rise stem
    Carbon headset spacers
    Cane creek S-6 headset
    Marzocchi Corsa 07 fork
    Sram X0 shifters
    Sram X0 rear derailleur
    Truvativ Stylo team 3.3 crank
    Shimano XT M771 front der.
    Sram 990 cassette
    Sram 991 chain
    Spinergy Xyclone Disc Wheels which might I add are very nice
    I have Continental Speed King 2.3 tires on but when the weather gets better I will put on the 2.1.
    Bontrager racexlite grips
    Shimano pedals

    I have had a couple of rides on it and it rides really smooth.
  • 03-08-2008
    cable guide issue??
    Have you encountered any problem with the disk brake cable guide? mine is so schap that it damage the cable, I have to re-route it. nice set up by the way.
  • 03-08-2008
    Sorry, bad typing...what I mean is.. "my cable guide is so sharp"
  • 03-10-2008
    Nice job man, that thing looks good.
  • 03-10-2008
    Mine is sharp as well but the way my hose fit in I just wrapped a little tape around it and it has held.
    On my other bike the brakes came with a rubber gromett that slid over the hose and into the guide to hold it in place. I have been looking for some but I haven't had any luck as of yet. I contacted Jenson and what they proposed wasn't what I was looking for.