My new VF2 frame has arrived so it is time to sell off my EVO to help buy some new parts for the build. I absolutely hate to sell her but I need to get this frame built before the weather warms up because it is already torture having it sit in the corner unbuilt. I am running an ad in the classifieds so if anyone knows anybody that wants a cheap EVO frame in great shape give a shout, it would be much appreciated. My roomate saw my frame and got new bike fever instantly so his bike is listed in the ad as well. I will have other pics of the EVO upon request.
I will post some more pics of the new bike when i get it together. It is an amazing looking frame. It is going to be a bit of a frankenstein build with having to move some parts over from the EVO due to lack of funds so we will see how it goes. I know I will most likely be the only person in the world running Halo Freedom rims on a VF2, lol, but until I can save up for some new stuff I will just have to get by with what I have. Anyone who wants to get in touch my email is [email protected]. The frame is a m/l. Thanks! Pic of the new bike....[email protected]/3296935962/