A Moots Perspective

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  • 05-29-2015
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    A Moots Perspective
    The Moots perspective. This bike Tim(disgusted with Moots) is referring to was ordered through Fat Tire in Albuquerque in 2012. The request to have it sent to a powder coater we had not dealt with in New Mexico was honored after I spoke to them so that they understood certain areas of the frame needed to remain masked through the process, bearing seats, bb shell, headtube. I personally spent 1-1/2 hours masking all of the critical areas of the frame. When it came back to us the painter had ignored all the masking so I cleaned all the surfaces before we assembled the frame. With some manufacturers this might void the warranty.
    Yes the aluminum chainstay broke. This is when we discovered Tim is 6’4” and 260lbs. I contacted Zen in Portland, worked with their engineer and had extra heavy chainstay sets made. That is what we sent out as a replacement. I had another example of this chainstay design was tested at an independent lab that tests bike assemblies with no problems to twice the standard limit. The next time I heard from Tim was because his tire was hitting the stays, we found out he was running a lightweight 32 hole Stans rim with a large tire. This is when I called Fat Tire and asked about the situation at which time they told me they had recommended Tim buy a Hardtail from us not a Divide. This is when I offered Tim the hardtail. Instead Moots purchased and shipped a DT Swiss rim, a 2.25” Swalbe tire (the maximum tire size listed for the bike) and paid Russell at Durango $150 for the build and the spokes.
    The chainstays broke again. The photo he sent (we have not received the chainstays back yet) showed a 2.4” tire and the anodizing worn off where the crack started. With no discussion we sent out a new chainstay assembly immediately. This is where it stands to date; we feel we have stood behind the product to the highest degree as stated in the warranty. We have no control over how the bike is ridden or maintained including proper air pressure in the rear shock etc. yet we have replaced parts beyond the frame. Please draw your own conclusions on Moots’ and my character.
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  • 06-01-2015
    Truth trumps the troll.
  • 06-02-2015
    Goodonya Butch!
  • 06-23-2015
    There's an old saying, "the cream will always rise to the top." Nuff said here
  • 08-04-2015
    I've had my mx divide two years, still loving it!
  • 08-20-2015
    Me too. Its such an awsome bike. I can ride it literally all day and not feel old and tired after.