Moots Finish

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  • 08-22-2015
    Mojo Man
    Moots Finish
    Anyone know where I can get the exact Moots bead blast but on my Blacksheep frame?

    I still have my and love my RSL, just love the Moots finish

  • 08-24-2015
    I bet, for the right price Moots would refurb the BlackSheep with their blast medium. Their reblast is around $500. But the BlackSheep polish is one of the features that sets my wife's BS apart from all the Moots' in my garage, I would leave it. Other than the Moots factory, finding out what they use inside their bead blasting machine, and putting it into another bead blasting machine would give you the same outcome.
  • 10-04-2015
    Johnny Chicken Bones
    I had Spectrum Powder works blast two of my Moots.
    Great folks did a great job.
    They know the correct grade or coarseness of the blast. It'd be perfect.