Moots color?

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  • 11-28-2014
    Johnny Chicken Bones
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    Moots color?
    Just supposing some clown (as in John Chicken Bones) was wanting to paint something to match his Mooootseses.
    In the same exact color of his Mootoseses?

    Or, more accurately, in the same exact color that Moots paints their road forks?
    So that it matches this perfectly.
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    Does anyone know what the paint color is for that match?
    Don't folks like that use some color code?

    Thanks. I hope you are riding instead of reading this.
  • 11-30-2014
    Dupont platinum pearl metallic W9658. Thats the color straight from Moots. I had spectrum powderworks paint a niner fork for me using that paint and it came out matching perfect. I'll post a pic later.
  • 11-30-2014
    Johnny Chicken Bones
    That's perfect thanks.
    It'll be my old pals at Spectrum that do mine as well.