ml8+duc32+27,5" front

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  • 06-23-2015
    ml8+duc32+27,5" front
    anybody riding ml8, duc32 and 27,5" wheel in front (and 26" back)? i am considering such combination. will sacrifice 13mm of fork travel, will have 13mm higher front (also higher bb), with slacker head angle and slight change in geometry. will bike be more stable? liteville recommends uneven wheel sizes with front bigger. let say i ride all mountain, trying drops, smaller gaps. would you recommend it? pros and cons?
  • 06-24-2015
    i do believe this is a not too uncommon combination. someone even said this is the best way to run the DUC32 (alpamayo i believe), and i will probably try it on my durance/DUC32 soon.

    the 13mm is really only true for comparable tyres - some tyres (e.g. schwalbe and others) can be very wide AND tall. whether you sacrifice only 13mm travel or actually more will depend on the exact front tyre you run - let all the air out of the fork and check for clearance at full compression.

    i would say go for it - IMHO, slackening the effective head angle on a maverick is a great benefit to the overall performance.
  • 07-07-2015
    I am currently running 27.5 in front and Ethan was nice enough to make me a custom rear damper that adds over an inch in the back. I wanted to sort of try out the naked 8 thing that never came to be. With XX1 setup it works nice you just have to dremel off the cable routing piece on the monolink. The bike rides extremely well actually. I was worried about the unbalanced travel, but did not want to invest in a longer travel fork since the frame is 1 1/8" steerer.
  • 07-08-2015
    thanks for reactions guys. i have decided to go 27,5". new wheels will by laced this week.
    naked 8 is nice on pics - for me 165mm of regular ml8 is enough. few mounts ago i contacted ethan with idea of longer stanchions for duc32 to stay on 150mm with 27,5" wheel. another alternative is piece like geweber did these are for 29". in my case half of length is enough. i understand, that ethan cannot recommend such solution but i am still considering to let craftman/artisan make longer stanchions.
    DUC36 would solve the whole my problem but seems there is no way to get one of few testing ducs.
    i was also considering another fork, like pike with 160mm 27,5" but most of them are only tapered. and from my point of view upside down fork is only fork suitable for maverick ;) unfortunately new lefty supermax 160mm cannot be installed due to max clamp spacing 134mm (ml8 has 150mm).
    so i am back on duc32 with maybe 135mm travel.
    sxotty what have you put into fork to shorten travel? have you cut mavericks 29er kit? and what was reason of custom rear damper? not to slacker headtube angel? but now you have higher bb height (maybe + 15mm).
  • 07-09-2015
    Ethan had spacers that were shorter than 29er spacers. I could have cut down some 29er ones burt I could not find my old set. I had no real reason aside form the fact that I could, had been interested, and I needed a new rear damper anyway. I thought it rode perfectly though. I went out and my thought was Goldilocks, then the front tire started leaking around the stem and I screwed it tighter and tighter till it pulled through the WTB KOM rim. Then I got to walk home a couple miles hahahah. Anyway I ended up putting a tube in the wheel because it was too much annoyance for me, but it rides very very well for me.