MKIII Rear Triangle

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  • 12-25-2015
    MKIII Rear Triangle
    Whats the deal, I'm looking for one and they're hard to find. Right now I have the idea to get one custom fabricated. However being everywhere is closed that isn't open on the 25th of December I'll call the one number I found in a search about a shop having overstock about 3 years ago. Please help with thoughts about it.
  • 12-26-2015
    I really don't think you will find anything, it's just been too long. They've been out of production for 7+ years now. I loved my MKII but when I killed rear triangle #3 it was time to give up on it. The bike was awesome to ride but with a 100% guarantee to break and no spares possible it wasn't worth it. IMHO you should spend your time and money on finding a newer frame to replace it.
  • 02-06-2016
    Still have my MKIII with no issues but then i'm not an overly aggressive type be it ascent or descend so it may be i've avoided any crack or failure for this reason.