• 12-20-2007
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    Merry Christmas! Thank you from all of us at CHUMBA
    To all of our CHUMBA customers,

    As the year ends, all of us at CHUMBA – including Ted, Jason, and me, want to thank everyone for being part of a very successful year for CHUMBA. This was the first year we ramped up our production to more than 20 – 30 frames per production run; and it was a huge step for us as a company. With all of your support - dealers, distributors, and customers - we were able to have everything run smoothly, and deliver product that met and exceeded everyone’s expectations.

    We promise that we will continue to develop, innovate, and look for ways to make high-end mountain bikes perform better, more reliable, and more affordable. Of course, we can only do this with the continued support from all of you. Also, look out for our factory racing effort for 2008 as our F5s begin to make their way to the courses; along with the release of new hardtails.

    Again, thanks for a truly awesome 2007 season – and we promise there is much more to come in 2008!

    Yours truly,

    The CHUMBA crew
  • 12-20-2007
    Merry Christmas to you too! My XCL was an early (about 6 months) present to myself.

    What is this about hardtails..........?
  • 12-20-2007
    Merry Christmas!
  • 12-20-2007
    cheers fast riders and chance takers!!!!!
  • 12-21-2007
    Happy Holidays!
    I want to offer you guys at Chumba a safe and happy holiday as well. Keep on riding Chumba!
  • 12-21-2007
    Jason, Jason, Ted, and the mysterious Alan, you guys rock! :thumbsup: I love my XCL and I hope more people get the chance to ride a Chumba next year! Merry Christmas to all of you Chumbans!
  • 12-21-2007
    :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
    The ano black XCL and i wish you the best too. Thanks for the killer product.
  • 12-21-2007
    Ricky D
    Merry Christmas Chumba dudes and fellow Chumbans! :thumbsup: I look forward to the new year on my XCL, hopefully with that new Ti bolt kit (hint, hint). :D
  • 12-21-2007
    Merry XCLmas to all and to all a good night.
  • 12-22-2007
    Merry XCLmas....
    My wish came true with that chumba I have.... pure smile :) :) :) wish all you chumbans happy holidays....
  • 12-23-2007
    Merry Christmas from your Chumba riders in the Philippines
    Merry Christmas to all CHUMBAns out there and may you have many great trails in the coming new year!