• 05-25-2014
    Merlin XLM frame number HELP PLEASE

    I am thinking of buying a 2003 Merlin XLM frame.

    Can anyone tell me if the frame number M73730 would be appropriate for a bike of this age?

    My concern is that pre-2000, XLM's frame numbers were formatted XM1234. Also, the Merlin Mountain had exactly the same geometry so I want to be sure that I am indeed buying an XLM (only weight will tell them apart).

    If you have a post-2000 XLM I would be extremely grateful if you could spare two minutes to have a look at the serial number and let me know.

    If easier, my email is timothymedcalf(at)yahoo.co.uk

    Thank you

  • 08-11-2014
    Did you get any replies to your inquiry about the Merlin serial number? I just bought a used Merlin XLM and don't know the year. I'm curious to learn what travel fork the frame design specified. My serial number is M79xxx so I'm guessing 2005/6. If you found any information, please share.
    Thank you.