• 06-18-2015
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    Merida - not too impressed?
    I bought a Merida big nine carbon 3000 about 2 years with the thoughts to take it on my travels (i work for a cruise company so could use it to explore the ports) never really got around to taking it onboard... so the bike hasn't done too much as i prefer to just ride my Mojo HD3

    Anyway, i appear to have cracked it, sent the photos receipt etc off to Merida's warranty department over a month ago and I'm yet to hear anything back from them, they just say they are working on it, always taking a few emails to prompt a response

    I also had the seat fail on it, spoke to warranty who didn't have a similar seat so told me to buy one, send them the invoice and there rep would pick up the seat next time he visited my LBS, did all of the above, rep didn't want to have anything to do with the seat so created a return number and off it went...

    heard nothing back from either of them after many emails. anybody got any ideas?

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  • 06-25-2015
    Clamping that frame=nails on a chalkboard.

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  • 08-29-2015
    won qear
    Bloody hell, don't show them the photo of you clamping the top tube. Always clamp the seat post.

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  • 02-06-2016
    They all break!
    They have a SHIT reputation in Europ
  • 03-21-2016
    "Anyway, i appear to have cracked it,"
    that looks likes crush or impact damage. You sure the bike repair stand didn't do that? Maybe something fell on the top tube?
    Good luck nut if I were in there claims department I'd want to know more info'