• 06-23-2015
    Maverick ML8 "Dahlia" build

    I just recently got my ML8 frame(2005) and a Fox talas 32 fork(9mm qr) and started building it up. I'm completely green when it comes to bikes so just a few quick questions. I'll post pics later ;P

    a) I have a pair of avid juicy 7 brakes and now need adaptors to fit them to the fork and frame. Which adaptors? I have no rotors yet. Fork has IS mounts.(Links from bikediscount would not be too shabby!)
    b) What about some washer/bolt kit?

    2. I have raceface cranks coming for it+BB(73mm). Should fit like a glove? Any idea on the spacer setup with the d-mount when fitting?

    3. I'm going 3x9 and looking at the x9 medium cage. Will this work out alright or is the long cage a "safer" choice.

    4. Is there anything extra considering the ML8 frame(wiring...etc..)? I already have the front derraileur.

    This machine looks really awesome, can't wait to ride it : :)!

    Ill update this post on the fly when I get answers and questions, thanks already before hand!
  • 06-24-2015
    1. front and rear is IS, so you need adapters corresponding to brake caliper and brake disk.

    2). cranks shopuld not be a problem. the alloy monolink is for 73mm BBs, so no spacers - unless you wanted/needed to adjust the chainline.

    3). the medium cage might be fine up to say 34T at the rear - i believe i ran 3x9 like that for a while on the durance. if you run anything bigger for the cassette, then you should probably opt for the long cage. BUT - *seriously* consider going 2x10 if you can.

    4). for the ml8, the rear brake line and the rear der cable do NOT cross behind the shock.

    5). other comments - if your frame is long enough and the geo works out ok for you, i would suggest NOT using a seatpost with any set-back. for 'modern day biking' go with a beefier fork with more travel (150mm+) and more trail - fox generally has the shortest trail values when compared to other forks at any one particular travel value (e.g. 160mm), marzocchi generally the longest.

    have fun ...
  • 06-24-2015

    Thanks for the answers.

    What I currently have:

    Frame: ML8
    Fork: Fox Talas 32 IS mount
    Wheelset: Random sexond hand
    Tires: Maxxis
    Seatpost: FSa 3d thingy
    Headset: FSA


    Raceface deus red 3x9 crankset
    X0 shifters

    About to order:

    SRAM PowerChain II PC-971
    Shimano Disc rotors 160mm
    Sram Powerglide Cassette 11-32
    Cube race Grips
    X7 rear derailleur long cage
    Hayes adaptor front IS 160mm
    FSA adaptor rear IS 160mm

    Avid caliper bolts

    So what kind of bolts do I attach the break calipers with? The adaptors come with bolts but with what do I attach the calipers to the adaptor?
  • 06-25-2015

    Originally Posted by NikeMan View Post
    ... but with what do I attach the calipers to the adaptor?

    much the same ...
  • 06-27-2015
    If you want to run the best front derailleur, Make Sure that you get the Shimano Flat Bar Specific Road front derailluer, FD-R453. You can use Shimano 10spd flat bar front derailleur if you cant find the R453.
    105/Ultegra/Dura Ace have different cable pull and lever ratio which shift crappy in the Mavericks with the Dmount.
  • 06-30-2015
    Oh snap I got the 105 triple. But that will have to do for now. Still waiting for a package from bike discount and then I should be all set. This will be my first FS bike and I got to sit on it today and boy does it feel spungy compared to my old MTB. For reference, it is an wheeler 2800zx :P :P