• 05-09-2006
    Marin Wolf Ridge / Attack Trail Sizing
    Hello All,

    Found a good deal on a Marin Wolf Ridge Frame (M = 17.5"), but I'm not sure it will fit me.

    I'm 6'0" with a 32" inseam-- do I want a Medium or a Large frame?

    I currently ride a GT I-drive XC in Large that is a bit small for me, and a Fuji Adventure Comp in 19" that is a bit big for me. There are no local Marin dealerships for me to go and check out thier bikes, so I'm relying on you guys. Thx!

  • 05-09-2006
    It should fit you fine
    Marins tend to run a bit big, typically a 17.5" marin will have a 19" seattube (they measure c-c, not c-t). The top tube lengths are appropriate for the advertised size, so the 17.5 will probably have a 22.5-23" tt. If that fits you, go for it. As for me, I am the same size as you (6', 32" inseam) and I spent 3 years on the older (single pivot) tara frame with nearly identical dimensions. I would not have wanted a 19" in any way. The 17.5 was perfect. Also, one of my riding buddies just got his new Attack Trail: it is a VERY sweet ride.
  • 05-10-2006
    You should be fine, I am 5'11" and ride medium quad tara.
    With Pikes fully extended to 140mm, there is very little stand up clearance even with sloping top tube, so large would be painful.
  • 05-10-2006
    standover height + steering angles?
    So standover is pretty iffy on this frame, eh? That's one thing I really liked about my old cheapy ironhorse- way low top tube and short headtube = plenty of crotch clearance. Tall standover = potential severe consequences...

    Strafer - do you mind measuring your top tube height for me at a few different points? I've got a 85-125mm Talas that I was going to put on the bike for flatland riding and a 150mm 'zoke for all-mountain duty. I'm worrying about the 'boys' getting hurt when going downhill with a 150mm fork...

    Next question-- the spec sheet lists the steering head angle at 68.5 deg at the 5" rear travel setting. This seems like it would be a real chopper compared to the bikes I currently ride (71 and 70 deg). Right now I have the Talas on the i-drive: the difference that 1" of front ride height adjustment does is amazing (at the stock 100mm height the thing turns on a dime and tracks beautifully, when you crank it out to 125mm it get much lazier and provides less feedback from the front end).

    Has anyone messed with front and rear ride heights? At the 5" rear travel setting with 125mm front travel does the bike turn well enough to be a XC bike? Or will I have to raise the rear to 6" and drop the front travel to 4" to get it to turn crisply?

    Thanks everyone for your input, I've never bought a bike that I didn't test ride before, so this whole building from the frame up is new and scary to me :)
  • 05-10-2006
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    This should give you all the info you need:
    Click on "view bike geometry", it shows geometry at different shock settings.
    Are you getting the frame from adrenalinebikes.com?
    I got mine from them, and since the frame was built up before you don't need to face/chase anything.
    Here's mine in 6 inch setting and Pikes at 140mm.
  • 05-11-2006
    I might be borderline here
    I'm about 5'9 with about 31 inseam. Should I go med or small?
  • 05-11-2006
    I think you should sit on each bike and see if you have the oportunity. I'm 5'7" with a 29.5" inseem and I just ordered a small, but the medium didn't feel too big when I was on it.
  • 05-11-2006
    Strafer-- Bought the frame from Bobs Bicycles off of ebay, its a 2005 model with the rp3 shock. $400+$40 shipping. Ordered up a frt derailler and seatpost shim with it, going to transfer all of my stuff from my fuji over to it and see how I like it.

    I did some really rough "photoshop measurements" of the Marin vs my 2004 I-Drive XC vs my 2005 Fuji Adventure Comp, here's what I found:

    Steering Head Angles:

    I-Drive with Talas set at 100mm = 71.2 deg <-- awesome for XC tight and twisty, but not quite enough travel on the rough stuff w/o giving up plushness

    I-Drive with Talas set at 125mm = 70.4 deg <-- steering a bit slow for the tight stuff, but I run it this way on the rougher and/or straighter trails

    Fuji with 150mm fork = 69.5 deg <-- steering too slow on flat stuff, but works well going down hills and over big nasty stuff

    Marin set @ 5" with 130mm fork = 70 deg
    Marin set @ 6" with 130mm fork = 70.9 deg

    1 inch of ride height change is working out to be 0.8 to 0.9 deg of steer angle change (estimate of course)

    Standover heights (measured right behind steering stem, and photoshop for the Marin):
    I-Drive with 100mm fork, 2.0 tires = 33.8" <-- no probs when wearing riding shoes
    I-Drive with 125mm fork, 2.0 tires = 34.7" <-- getting close to the boys
    Fuji with 150mm fork, 2.3 tires = 36" <--- just plain too tall for me
    EST Marin set @ 5" with 130mm fork, 2.3 tires = 34.6" <-- should be OK

    The frame ships out today, I should have it middle of next week. I'll get it together ASAP and let you all know how it works!
  • 05-11-2006
    I just got the same frame
    For the same price. AMAZING deal if you consider the RP3 alone costs $360. It's like getting the frame for free! Plus the Wolf Ridge frame is annodized.

    I went with a small 15.5 frame this time instead of the 17.5 like my Rift Zone because according to the Marin specs the standover height should be the same. I recall standing over a 17.5 frame at the shop a few months back and the top tube was dangerously close to the jewels.

    This is my 2nd quad link and I'm psyched!
  • 05-11-2006
    Wow, that is a steal at $400!
    Have fun building up the frame, and if you go with SRAM rear derailleur, drill out the cable stops and go full length cable housing, really helps!
    I haven't done any maintenance on my cables in over a year, and still shifts like butta!
    You can still run full length without drilling since the cable stops have zip tie slot, but doesn't look as finished.
  • 05-15-2006

    Originally Posted by mb300
    Hello All,

    Found a good deal on a Marin Wolf Ridge Frame (M = 17.5"), but I'm not sure it will fit me.

    I'm 6'0" with a 32" inseam-- do I want a Medium or a Large frame?

    I currently ride a GT I-drive XC in Large that is a bit small for me, and a Fuji Adventure Comp in 19" that is a bit big for me. There are no local Marin dealerships for me to go and check out thier bikes, so I'm relying on you guys. Thx!


    5'11"+ here, 30.5 inseam and I went medium.
    Fits great with normal thompson seatpost and 100mm stem.
    TALAS 130 constant up front.
    I found that without adjusting travel up front and running in 5" always, wider carbon riser bars help me keep the front end down.

    Also, remember that the HT angle is listed *with rider sag* which probably slacks it out just a hair.
    I was on a GT idrive xcr2000 before, with much steeper geometry, and I love the slacker anngles, it tracks well enough for the slow speed single track around here.
    And forget all those people who say "oh, the bb is soooo high" - 13.75 is perfect for me and same as the intense 5.5.
    oh, and for the notoriously noisy frame - it is a bit worse than others, but the technology is superior, as witnessed by SC using the monoque fram on the nonad.
    feel free to ask any ?s, as I have put about 400 mi on the bike this year!
  • 05-18-2006
    Hello there, i just recieve my wolf ridge frame.

    Before purchasing i wasn't sure if i would take a small or a medium.

    I'm 5' 6'' with inseam about 30'' ... i ordered a medium frame and i love it. Even if the seat tube is long who cares ??? seatpost are there to be lowered.

    The cockpit on the medium is just fine. Anyway the standover is pretty much the same on the small or medium frame ( i know my girlfriend order the same frame in small version and she's 5' 2'')

    I'm running a manitou minute 130mm fork (always in the 130mm mode) and the bike is set at 5inches in the rear and i must say that it feels as balanced as any other bike i've ridden.

    i've read in some magazine that if you aren't sure of wich siez to choose and that both sizes would fit you, go for the larger size. You can alway put a shrter stem or a laidback post if you want to fine-tune your cockpit.

    At 6' 0'' i would go for the large frame. For the fork choice just choose your favorite one that has between 5-6 inches of travel.

    hope this will help you
  • 05-18-2006
    Well I just recieved my 15.5 (small) frame today
    And I won't know how it will feel until I build it up. I'm still trying to find a good fork for it.

    Anyway the small is definately smaller than my 17.5 rift zone. The specs on Marin's site say the 2 frames share similar specs including standover height but the seat tube is definately shorter. Might need to run a longer-ish stem (120mm) and a high laid back seatpost and see how that goes.
  • 05-18-2006
    trust me the 15.5 is the right size for you.you will love it.
  • 08-20-2006
    Latest Build:

    05 WolfRidge Frame (ebay $440 shipped brand new)
    added an AVA air sleeve to the shock (ebay again)
    07 Talas 36 RC2 fork (ebay $677 shipped brand new)
    Super wide Mavic 729 wheels on a Yeti ARC front hub and XT rear hub (found at REI for $221 for the set)
    crappy Truvative 170mm cranks (found on ebay cheap)

    36.2# as it sits ready to ride
    thats with pedals and bar ends and computer and seat bag (with spare tube and patch kit and levers and multi tool)

    Buzzed it around the nastiest local XC trails and its pretty impressive- it climbs well in the 4" mode and is nice and slack in the 6" mode.

    A couple weeks from now I'll be in phoenix and we'll give it the real test on National Trail. I can't wait :)
  • 08-20-2006
    Since we're showing off Wolf Ridges....
    Here's mine. I'm very happy with the way this bike rides. The geometry takes a little while to get used to, especially the high BB height and the feeling of being "perched" on top.

    I recently demo'd a 575 and thought the Wolf Ridge was stiffer, pedaled better and felt plusher. The only advantage of the Yeti was the weight.

    My Marin is built with a mix of old and new parts. I weigh'd it at around 28lbs.

    Rockshox Revelation 426 U-turn
    SRAM XO shifters/derailleur
    Hayes 9 Brakes
    Truvativ FireX crank
    WTB disc hubs and Mavic 223 (converted to tubeless)

    I'm also in the process of selling off my Quad XC and building a Titus Moto-Lite. I'll post my comparisons when its all done. :thumbsup: