• 02-16-2007
    Making my Evo a little more bulletproof
    I have logged about 1200 miles and 225,000 vertical feet so far (what goes up must come down!). Not being the most graceful rider has cost me 3 derailleur hangers and 1 XT rear derailleur so far.

    Actually, make that 4 hangers since the current one was tweaked a bit already. So before I made my way onto my 5th hanger, I decided to give the Saint derailleur a shot. Since it attaches directly to the axle, no more bent/broken hangers! If I somehow manage to damage this thing, I probably have more troublesome things to worry about.

    These Saint rear derailleurs have been on closeout recently. You can find them at some retailers for as little as $30 a piece. I had to pickup a 10mm Saint axle conversion kit for my Hadley which cost me $40. So for the price of one XT derailleur, I have a lot more piece of mind.

    I went with the medium sized cage, since I'm running only 2 rings up front. This also gives a little more clearance as well.

    My favorite feature - adjustable bumpstop! No more derailleur smacking the chainstay.
  • 02-17-2007
    please keep us posted on how the saint works out. I've gone through a ton of hangers too, and have been thinking about going to the saint.
  • 02-20-2007
    I got in a pretty solid ride on Saturday. Here are some things I noticed:

    A much quieter ride.
    The spring in the Saint seems to be much stronger than the one found in the XT - so there was much less chainslap. The derailleur no longer hits the chainstay either. That can be attributed to either the more setback position or the adjustable bumpstop. In either case, there no more knocking.

    Shifting is very solid/positive. Seems like shifting is more positive and responsive especially when it's a little rough. This might be a byproduct of the stronger spring.

    Extra weight. Well, I don't notice the extra weight when I'm riding, but if you hold the Saint in your hand comparing it to the XT, there's definitely much more heft. According to specs, it's about 100g more, so about 1/4 lb.

    I don't have any scratches on the new derailleur yet, so it doesn't look like it's taken any hits yet, but as soon as I do get some, I'll report back on the durability.
  • 02-21-2007
    Man, 100g for a rd, that's a lot. Worth it if I can eliminate hanger bending, though.
    I only run 2 rings as well, I remember reading about chain binding or some such problem related to running the med. cage derailleurs on the Evo. It's not been a problem for you?
    One more question: you installed a chainguide on your Evo, right? How does that feel during long rides with a lot of uphill?
    Thanks for continuing to post info about this set up.
  • 02-21-2007
    I haven't had any problems with chain binding or anything at all. I cycled the suspension when I was sizing the chain just to make sure. I don't believe there's very much chain growth with this frame at all.

    As for the chainguide roller, I barely notice that it's there going uphill. I can hear the chain rolling over it when it's wet/gritty, usually right after going through a stream or puddle, but it's very quiet otherwise. I haven't had a chain drop since I've installed it, but I wonder how it would be with just the Saint derailleur alone. I wonder if that will keep enough tension on the chain on its own. Might be worth a try later on...
  • 02-21-2007
    I think I'm going to try the saint, so I'll post when I get it on and test it out a bit. I'd like to reduce the chainslap too, so maybe the saint will kill two birds.