• 10-24-2014
    Johnny Chicken Bones
    Make Old New Again (well- newish)
    I have two MootoXesesssss.
    One is geared, one is a SS.

    In that teeny window between being a bike shop worker and having what some might (wrongly) call a real job- I had that sweet combination of extra $$ and great deals. So yes- I got two overpriced wonderful bikes. That was 2008.

    Fast forward in the change obsessed bike world and suddenly they are slightly longer in the tooth than I'd like to admit.
    Squishy carbon spaceships are everywhere and damned if some voodoo magic doesn't make them go up and downhill amazingly well.

    But- I don't want new bikes. I've tried them and regardless of speed or control-- I never have as much fun.
    And seeing how the Moots frames are still great I am not getting rid of them.

    I didn't want a fatter headtube but I did want new forks. And while there might be good 1 1/8th forks out there- they are less and less common. Stoopid industry change.

    I looked around for a builder that was willing to chop off the headtube and add a 44mm that would let me use a tapered fork.
    (Such builders aren't common- but if you're interested they are out there.)

    In the end I decided to skip the chop/weld option. New forks will get me another few seasons and then I can re-evaluate the option.

    Long story short- the bikes got new forks, shorter stems, wider bars, dropper seat posts, and yes- Carbon Rims. (not so cheap but cheaper than most Light-Bicycle rims).

    And they are like new bikes.
    I can't believe how sure footed the rims make them. Much much better than the Arches I've been using. They track straight thru corners.

    And as far as the rest of the changes? I'm impressed. I dragged my curmudgeon's feet too long and can't argue against a dropper post anymore.
    I've learned it's not about the downhill- it's about the cornering.
    I am now learning to avoid steering off the INSIDE of corners. When did my bikes get so amazingly agile?

    I hope you aren't reading this because you are riding in perfect fall leaves.*

    * unless you live in some weird place below the equator. Weirdo.
  • 12-06-2014
    Johnny Chicken Bones
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    Here's the next step.
    I had Oliver at Spectrum bead blast the frames.
    AMAZING! The SS had some brutal scratches on the downtube of the SS. Now it's looks new.
    And the black stickers look pretty good too!
    They were white originally.
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    After bead blasting.
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    And now black!
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  • 12-06-2014
  • 12-06-2014
    Looks great!