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    Liteville - update


    Have you checked the german superbike, Looks like they've updated the rear travel to 130 mm for 2008 and you can also get an upgrade kit for the older bikes. Albeit my german is little rusty, the liteville web page is an absolute engineering detail information heaven! Actually went and tested this bike with Fox RP23 rear shock in LBS and it rides absolutely amazing. These guys have done their homework on kinematics....

    ..and it seems they are launching hardtail as well... Liteville 101 (and a 4X frame...)

    Happy trails!


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    can you describe your test ride? What fork was fitted in which frame size?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Vesuri
    Actually went and tested this bike with Fox RP23 rear shock in LBS and it rides absolutely amazing. These guys have done their homework on kinematics....
    The guys at that shop also have a reputation for being suspension wizards. I saw the boss riding a Liteville last summer (actually fixing a puncture) and he seemed happy with the bike.

    The 101 and 101 four Cross look good. So many frames, so little ... money.

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    Good job!

    Yes, it was in R-Tech. Actually I've tested the liteville twice, but first ride was with some old 100 mm Marzocchi fork and some coil shock which really wasn't the setup this bike was built for... But second, although being a short ride, gave better impression about the bike's suspension. Fox talas in front (very good fork, never tested one before) and RP23 in back (specially tuned for this particular frame, they actually have a limited edition, 100 units, of liteville with this RP23 - check liteville's website for details). There is some kind of a wight limit, about 85 kg's, for the fox shock, but I guess it's just sort of ideal weight for the propedal to work with the tuning they've made. And with 301's suspension geometry there's very little, if any, need for propedal function. I would say that this is VERY stiff frame, which has an amazing versatility in terms of build kits e.g. takes 100- 160 mm forks, previous model years had 115 mm rear travel, but with the upgrade kit you can go to 130 mm. I guess from this model year on, all new frames have that 130 mm.

    Liteville is also launching a freeride bike with 160 mm rear travel. Haven't seen pics yet, but I got a reply from Syntace a while ago when I asked about the updates they are doing.

    ..Need to try this frame once more in some more technical terrain. Frame size also gives a bit of a headache, XL has 620 mm top tube and XXL 640 mm. Me being 193 cm, I guess the XXL is a little bit overkill...

    Happy trails!!! Post pics of 301 If you have some!!!

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    hi! hereīs my 2006 LV 301, I want to update it to 130mm as soon as posible ( is too expensive...)

    My LV 301M

    this is another link where yuo can see more LVīs....Liteville 301 census at foromtb

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