Lars Tribus' EVO

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  • 05-15-2008
    Lars Tribus' EVO
    Finished building Lars' bike, sickness
    the RS Monarch, full length cable housing route around some beefy rockers

    juicy 7 carbons, Deity dirty 30 bars

    Chumba wheelset, Sram gruppo, E-13 lg1 white

    white RS lyric

    chumba components!
  • 05-15-2008
    Nice! How about more pics of the Chumba seatpost?
  • 05-15-2008
    Cable run.
    Lookin' Good!!!

    I ran the cables down the down tube just like that. The only problem with that run is the cables drag along the seat tube as the suspension cycles. It doesn't take long for it to start eating through the paint. I ended up putting about a 4" strip of clear motocross paint protection film up each side to resist wear.

    EVO's an awsome ride!!!
  • 05-15-2008
    kamikazee ideki
    more pics please!
  • 05-16-2008
    what is the bike used for?.. I like the E. thirteen
  • 05-16-2008
    What size frame?
    I just noticed that the seat tube gusset is layed flat! What size frame is that? Is it custom?:confused:

    Why the RS air shock?
  • 05-16-2008
    This is Lars' fun freeride bike (med frame). He has an F5 for dh racing, xcl for 4x and dj. What can we say - we like to spoil Lars? He's sponsored by RS so he runs a Monarch (it's a really nice shock).
  • 05-16-2008
    How do I get my hands on a White Lyrik? Sweet EVO!!!
  • 05-19-2008

  • 05-21-2008
    Who makes the wheels for Chumba, and what size rims are they? I need new wheels, and my WTB Speediscs suck.
  • 05-28-2008
    Lars brought this bike to the U.S. Open this weekend - it looks awesome as does his F5.

    Lars got the biggest cheer thru the Toyota Rock Garden!

    Go Chumba!!