• 05-15-2015
    LaPierre Zesty Sizing (2015)
    I'm 5'9" about a 30" inseam..for those Zesty riders out there, I'm curious what size you guys selected. the 2015 models (Zesty) size up at 40cm, 44cm, 48cm and 52cm. My previous bike was a Kona Coiler Primo (M) and my other bike was a Trek HT 3900 17.5". I'm thinking the 44cm (conversion is 17.3") should be good. According to their chart I'm right in the middle cusp. Is it better to size up? I'm 44 and not planning to be playing in the NBA anytime soon.
  • 07-05-2015
    Not Zesty rider but i will be for sure.

    I believe you should go for 48 but why you don't call them? You are in the middle.

    I recently spoke to sales/support guy asking about their Shaper model. I wanted Shaper for commute. Guy was so great and supportive. He told me to check again by the end of July. They will know what they will carry for the next season.

    New Zesty is coming ... I am 5.8 and I believe 44 is for me.

  • 09-01-2015
    I'm 6'1 and got a large and it fits perfect.